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Big E's Pest & WildLife Management was founded in 2019 by Howard Ellsworth.  Big E's is a family and veteran owned and operated Pest and Wildlife management company with over 10 years of experience.  We believe in providing a Quality, Premium Service to ALL customers!

Meet the owner of big e's

Howard is the owner of Big E's Pest & WildLife Management.  Howard served in the U.S Army.  He has been in the pest control industry since 2015.  While working for other companies, he realized that they all were missing something: Honesty, Respect and Passion.  They lacked this with themselves, their customers and their employees.

In 2019, Howard started Big E's Pest & WildLife Management.  He is focused on not only being honest, showing respect and continued passion for pest control, but also focuses on educating.  Not just himself, but his customers and the public in general. 

John Allen had been a mentor of Howard's from the start, John was the owner and founder of First Response Pest Control and retired in 2021.  They continue to be friends and John continues to mentor Howard in his journey. 


Contact Me Directly

I am always welcoming of hearing from my customers, potential customers, and the communities WE serve!

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