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Why hire a Professional Inspection Company?  We will provide you documentation in a Date/Time Stamp report that includes photos and comments that address the current condition of the property to include not only insurance and maintenance risk but property code, rental property violation and illegal activity that may put your investment at risk.  Our focus is on protecting all parties, we are not a member of NARPM nor do we Manage Properties, thus we are truly independent and unbiased.  If you want a property management company that is a member of NARPM and also owns an inspection company that provides these might want to choose doing business with  .  We will not be influenced by members of any organization that manages 100s if not 1000s of property.  

Keep reading below to learn more about our integrity and what we "honestly" do. 


BIIG Inspections (Brokers & Investors Inspection Group) since 2010!  

John Allen received his Professional Home Inspectors license in 2009 from TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) after successfully completing the 460 hour course requirements offered by Champion School of Real Estate. While attending school at Champion School of Real Estate, John also enrolled in a separate Collage to obtain his Insurance Adjuster License to further his inspection knowledge; he credits both with his success as an inspector.   "where one course left off, the other continued in depth"- John Allen  

In the beginning John had his UPS & DOWNS after forming a partnership with a member of NARPM who was a Property Manager.  John soon realized, you could not be truly unbiased  nor a 3rd party Inspection company if you are performing inspections for friends of friends via NARPM.  John- "It was misleading at best."  Less than a year after the partnership was formed, John accepted the buy out via members of NARPM (North American Residential Property Managers) Organization. 

John developed and created the inspection process that is presently used in the rental inspection industry.  He trained hundreds of inspectors and real estate agents and has performed over 9,600 inspection in the last 8 years for tenants, landlords, property managers and insurance companies including Liberty and State Farm.   John has written several books on the subject mater and has developed course work for the State of Texas that provides for CEU for professional real estate agents, he was also instrumental with developing and implementing the course work for the North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors.  

PEST CONTROL  + Inspection Services:  We have just improved our services by adding interior and exterior pest control service to our Move-In & Move-Out Inspections.  John successfully regained his pest control license after getting out of the industry to pursue property inspecting full time.  It didn't take him long to realize that there is/was a big demand for treating rental property before and after tenants moved out.  He also realized he could save his clients money by offering both services.  John is licensed in Pest Control through the Texas Department of Agriculture and as such can train and assist his inspectors in obtaining their Texas License after successfully completing his apprenticeship program and passing State required testing.  A better mouse trap for sure! 

Is Your Property Manager Managing Your Investment or Just Stealing Your Money?  

Actual Pictures of "Managed" Properties!





Seriously, are "THEY" (Property Management Companies) Really Protecting Your Best Interest?  Or are you just cutting a check?  

Has or is your Property Manager putting you at RISK of LOSING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE or causing you Legal Problems?  

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