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First Response Pest Control is a Veteran owned company operated and ran by veterans and veteran’s family members. Founded by  C.A. and the Original Legend of Dallas/Fort Worth.  John has worked for many of the Giants in the industry in many positions including Termite Technician, Pest Route Technician, Sales and Service Manager. 

John's no Contract approach has proven to be a Win/Win for both the company and the customers we serve.  It is as simple as: If you don’t want or need our services, we do not want you to feel obligated or trapped by a contract; we will leave that to the industry Giants.


Never sign a one year contract that never expires; the auto renewal is a favorite of most big pest control companies.

John’s Customer and Quality Service First  approach is another reason for our success in the industry. First Response Pest Control is a Small Company and unlike the publicly traded Giants, we do not have to focus on keeping shareholders happy; only our customers. That is why unlike most pest control companies who’s technicians run 18 to 20 stops a day, at First Response Pest Management our Specialist service no more than 10 customers a day.  This allows ample time to properly service our valued customers homes and businesses.

John- “My guiding inspiration has always been to provide the community with safe, reliable and effective Integrated Pest Management at affordable pricing.”

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John Allen has written courses for the state of Texas and is the Author of the Home Check Series; a collection of books for real estate professionals, property managers and homeowners alike.  John is often called on as a consultant and to provide training throughout Texas; conducting lectures and training seminars in DFW, Houston, Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio.  

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During his down time, John enjoys oil painting, playing music, spending time with his family and fishing with his best friend, who just happens to be his grandson.  John is "SUPER" proud of both his granddaughters who excel in academics and enjoy fishing too but not so much baiting the hook.   

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At First Response, Our 6 Values are evident in all our actions. They are demonstrated in our outstanding accomplishments and also in the everyday choices of our team members around the world. These 6 values define how we work and direct us in our decision-making.

  • Open and Honest

We are convinced that only by acting with integrity and communicating with our colleagues and customers in an open and honest way can we create long-lasting partnerships of mutual trust and true significance.

  • Customer-Centric

We exist solely for our customers; always thinking on their behalf, undertaking challenges together with them, exceeding expectations, and working tirelessly to bring positive results, both now and in the future.

  • Innovative

Innovation is what drives us. We constantly strive to develop groundbreaking ideas that will form the basis of everything we do going forward, every step of the way. We value creative thinking and welcome the challenges of our changing world.

  • Passionate

Being passionate, strong-willed and determined is essential to making a meaningful contribution to our customers' and society as a whole. Our team members love what they do and are committed to our vision.

  • Inclusive and Collaborative

We believe that the power of inclusiveness and collaboration with customers, partners and each other is the best way to come up with game-changing ideas. Our diverse, talented team members work together to innovate for our future.

  • Accountable

Not only must we be individually and collectively responsible and accountable for what we do, all of our actions should contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and First Response. 

Core Values:

Our Mission is to provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve in the most professional and safe manner for both our clients and our employees. We will accomplish this by providing the best quality of work with the finest employees that we can hire.  It is our focus to remain profitable yet fair and affordable.

Mission Statement

Licensed & Regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture

Our Certified Applicators are Licensed by the State of Texas and fully insured.


We do our own work, and our Customer Service is second to none.


You can rely on us to take whatever time is needed for the correct treatment of your pest problem.

All services are fully guaranteed. Free re-treats are offered with a Quarterly Service Agreement.

Support Our Nation's Veterans. Make A Donation Today.
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Current member of the International Pest Control Society.

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