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John enjoying Retirement!  5/2023

John Allen has Retired!  

John Allen, the Founder of First Response Pest Control decided to retire on November 15, 2021.  John felt it was best for his customers to be left in the care of Big E's Pest & WildLife Management.  He also wanted Big E's to take on the future business from his website.  John expected Big E's to come in and do a classic "Merger/Buy-Out" and change everything over to the Big E's brand.  Big E's has dedicated this page to John and First Response Pest Control.  John is a mentor to Howard Ellsworth, the founder of Big E's Pest & WildLife Management.  

John Allen has written courses for the state of Texas and is the Author of the Home Check Series; a collection of books for real estate professionals, property managers and homeowners alike.  John is often called on as a consultant and to provide training throughout Texas; conducting lectures and training seminars in DFW, Houston, Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio.


Now John will enjoy retirement by fishing and spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, painting, and jamming out on his favorite guitars!    

A Word from Howard Ellsworth:

"John, I am honored that you thought of me when retiring.  I am honored to have taken over this website.  You have great content that fits perfectly with my treatment plans and options.  This has encouraged me to roll out an IPM Treatment Plan for the 2022 season.  This retirement page is my way to honor you, my mentor."  

A piece of your legacy will hopefully live on with our new treatment plan:

First Response Pest-Mosquito-Rat- Plan.jpg

John Presenting a Class

Training course 1
Property Manager training
training 4
Trainig course 2
Trainig 2
training pic
Property Managers Real Estate
Training 5

Mr. John "The Bug Man" Allen

Enjoy Your Retirement!

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