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Your Furry Friends Are Safe With Big E's Pest & WildLife Management

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Big E's Professional Technicians pride themselves on providing the best service in our territory; we are simply 2nd to none, and the competition knows it. Your service starts with a thorough evaluation of your property. One of our professional licensed technicians (not a salesperson often called "professional Inspectors") will customize a treatment plan, addressing your specific pest needs. We offer a variety of treatment options and plans!

Initial Service: 

What to Expect 

Upon arrival the Licensed Service Pro will safely park their vehicle in the street (never in your driveway).  

Insuring that their vehicle and product is secured they will proceed to introduce themselves and provide you a detailed description of the services they are going to be performing; the Initial Service typically takes 1 to 1.5 hours depending on property size and layout. 

  1. They will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property documenting pest activities, children, pets, doggy doors, swimming pools, Play equipment, outbuildings and areas of safety concern.

  2. They will thoroughly go over their findings, providing advise on problem areas and answering any questions that you may have. 

  3. On the Initial Service the Interior is always treated unless you opt out.  All entry points (windows, exterior doors, plumbing voids, laundry room, and garage) are treated.  A more extensive treatment of cabinets, closets and around/under appliances may be necessary depending on infestations. 

  4. On the Initial Service the Exterior will be treated from Curb to Alley (Back Fence), around all out buildings, and children play equipment.  Service includes but is not limited to:

  •  De-webbing all Eaves and Overhangs of main structure, outbuildings, children play equipment and gathering areas.

  • Removal  of all Paper wasp and Mud Dauber nest. ( We do not treat beneficial Bees) 

  • Establish a "NO BUG ZONE" around both the Perimeter of the property and the perimeter of the home. 

  • Treat all entry points i.e. around windows and doors. 

  • Dust application to all Weep holes and cracks and crevices.

  • Establish an extended barrier including flower beds, patios and porches using granulates, emulsified concentrates or a Wet-able Powder. 

  • Once your assigned Licensed Service Professional is satisfied that they have efficiently an effectively protected your home and property they will provide you with a detailed report outlining their finding and the products and procedures used to correct.  They will also set up a date and time for the 30 day follow up, to break up the egg cycle; this may require additional treatment inside to include the attic and garage.


**    On the first service we can only get about 70-80% of the adult pests around the property and no product can penetrate the eggs of the unborn pests. Please be aware that after the initial treatment it may cause an increase of pest activity for 1-2 weeks as they find a new place to nest or die. So it is vital that your Service Professional comes back for the follow up service.


Breaking up the Egg Cycle 

Following your initial service, Big E's Pest & WildLife Management may be back one month later for your first Service Treatment. This is to help break up the pest egg cycles, eliminate any new hatchlings before they reproduce, and to get the twenty to thirty percent of the adult pests that survived the first service. To ensure that these pests do not disturb the home, we will continue to service the home either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. 


General Pest Control Service:

We know how valuable your time is, that is why we dedicate so much time on the initial service to get it right the 1st time.  At Big E's Pest & WildLife Management we pride ourselves in the fact that after our comprehensive initial treatment and 30 day follow up most all issues can be maintained and controlled from the outside of the home or business.  This limits exposure to you and your loved ones to unnecessary product. We highly recommend that you limit inside treatment to once or twice a year; typically the spring and fall. However, if you would like inside service just request it as there is never an extra charge for general interior treatments.​

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Pest Control

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