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Are they selling fresh Coconuts in Lewisville, Highland Village and Flower Mound? Nope....just the O

All kidding aside, I live in Highland Village and trust me it does not smell like Coconuts.

Tapinoma sessile is a species of small ant that goes by the common names odorous house ant, sugar ant, stink ant, and coconut ant. Their colonies are polydomous (consist of multiple nests) and polygynous (contain multiple reproducing queens). Like many social insects, T. sessile employs complex foraging strategies, allocates food depending on environmental conditions, and engages in competition with other insect species.

Odorous House Ants are here to stay either outside or inside your home, both places they thrive. Inside they are very much an unwelcome non-paying tenant and their coconut odor can be very unpleasant. They odor comes over a period of time so most home owners may not even be aware; however, their guest are.

Nest Site/Characteristics: Odorous house ants colonies may contain up to 100,000 ants with many queens. Super colonies may exist where food, water and brood are exchanged between satellite locations. Indoors, odorous house ants nest in wall voids, especially around hot-water pipes and heaters, and in crevices around sinks and cupboards. Outdoors, nests are often found in soil, usually under objects. Odorous house ants are most likely to enter buildings when colonies become very larg and natural food and water sources become scarce and when climate conditions are extreme i.e. (Drought or flooding).

Feeding Preferences: When indoors, odorous house ants prefer sweets during most of the warm season, but will eat high-protein foods and greasy meats and chees as dictated by colony requirements. Outdoors, they feed on honeydew, plant secretions and sometimes seeds and insects.

Control: Locating the nests are CRUCIAL....Follow the trail of foraging workers back from their food source. Thoroughly treat exposed colonies using a professional strength insecticide with good residual. Then follow the normal procedures of dusting voids, treating entry points and establishing a good perimeter defense. When all else fails call First Response Pest Control at 214-864-0669

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