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Got tiny Aunts in the Kitchen and Bathroom? Oops, I meant Ants.

These tiny ants are a major problem for many homeowners in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. These creatures have a host of if someone was trying to name each one individually; i.e. sugar ant, black ant, pissant, army ants (as if they served) and a host of other choice names; some of which I cannot mention. Fact is you are probably dealing with Pharaoh ants (no doubt King Tut had and issue with them) and Rover ants (not named after anyone's dog I am sure ) that enjoy dog food from time to time.

Most people don't like these little invaders, but I am kind of fond of both of them; don't get the two confused. The Pharaoh (Pissant) has a sweet tooth as it has a preference for sugary or sweet foods including certain toothpaste and mouthwash and loves the indoors. Whereas the Rover ant prefers the outdoors and takes little persuasion to rover (move ) on down the road. Why am I fond of them? They are money in the bank to a Bug Man! Yes they can be difficult to evict of once they have moved in. But don't worry you don't need a judge to issue an eviction notice....just call First Response Pest Control.

The Pharaoh ant is truly an urban ant in that it usually lives indoors, taking up residence behind wall, under carpet and appliances. They use electric wiring like it was the George Bush Tollway running through your home, taking the free exit at every outlet plate cover. This requires removing the plate cover and applying a "NO EXIT" dust.

The Rover ant is a different animal altogether, unlike the Pharaoh ant, the Rover prefers to make their homes in leaf litter found in gutters or under rocks and stones. Yes Rover ants will eat sweets but prefer protein that can be found in garbage or dog food. Rover ants once inside will adapt and nest in and around windows and plumbing void.

If you are anything like my don't care about any of the above; you just want them gone. Well there are several ways to treat them and there are several does and don't....but I am to tired to go into all of that here. Best way to get rid of them is call First Response Pest Control; 2nd best is call several other pest control companies......but who wants to be number two? Contact First Response Pest Control if you have any questions with regards to this post, 214-864-0669. Proudly providing pest control services to our neighbors in Highland Village, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Coppell, Corinth, Lake Dallas, Argyle, Denton and Plano Texas.

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