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Pre-Agreement Inspection: 

The Pre-Agreement Inspection starts the documentation process and is designed to protect both the Landlord and the Property Manager by exposing any code violations that may exist.  It further exposes maintenance issues that should or need to be addressed prior to agreeing to represent and list the property for rent.  Issues such as lack of and or age of Smoke Detectors in all required locations, missing or damaged screens, lack of a Charlie Bar on sliding glass doors, Lack of required locking devises on all doors leading to the exterior to include the man door leading to the attached garage and the overhead door.  It further calls out any cosmetic issues an document each wall, floor, ceiling and closets in each room, photos of conditions of the widows, widow dressings, lights should also be document.  Each water source should be tested for functionality and leaks.   The property/home, to include attic should be inspected and document for any pest infestations to include but not limited to ants, roaches, fleas, bedbugs, rodents; if observed corrective action should be taken prior to agreeing to represent and list property.  All kitchen and bathroom fixtures should be check and the condition of the cabinets should be document inside and out.  All appliances require documentation for serviceability and cleanliness inside and out.  There fireplace and chimney should be document as well as exterior walls and roofing, to include gutters and downspouts.  Satellite dishes should be document, (I have seen as many as 5 satellite dishes mounted on one roof due to lack of proper management.)

The yard, beds, landscaping, decks and fence should all be made part of the documentation process and included in the report.  All are expensive to restore should the property management company fail to manage the property and tenants.  Watering the lawn is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn and keeping fences post firmly secured in the ground.  

RED FLAG:  If the property manager/management company refuses to provide you with a detailed inspection report that includes a minimum of 10 photos per room with a written explanation and corrective actions prior to agreeing to representing the property.....RUN!  Find a professional company. As a professional, the property management company is responsible to do an accurate report to protect both parties; this report is typically 50+ pages and includes over 150 photos on an average 3 bedroom 2 bath home. 

The Pre-Agreement Inspection:
*  Starts the Documentation Process 

*  Exposes possible code violations

*  Helps property manager gain rapid familiarity of every aspect of the property and take corrective actions. 

*  Document the actual condition of the property at time of agreement. 

*  Prevents misunderstandings between the Landlord and the Property manager

*  Prevents possible litigation via 3rd party Documentation.  

Texas Property Code - PROP § 92.153. Security Devices Required Without Necessity of Tenant Request

Move-In Inspection: 

Designed to replace the Property Manager's "Tenant Walk-Through Check."   This inspection is key to holding the tenant responsible for any damages done to the property during their tenancy; this inspection should be conducted by the trained eye of a unbiased 3rd party inspector.  

It always amazes me how many uniformed property managers leave this task up to the untrained eye of the new tenant.  The tenant is filled with excitement about moving into their new home and at the same time overcome with anxiety and the stress brought on by moving. They are sure to miss something and this can cause major issues down the road.  

A 3rd party unbiased inspections provides all parties with a written report that leaves no doubt in anyone's mind as to the condition of the property at time of Move-In. * The tenant is encouraged to be present at time of the inspection and to ask questions and or request certain items be document.  


* Ongoing Protection for all parties

* Added Value for your Clients 

* Continues the Documentation Process

* Protects against possible litigation

* Documents actual condition of the property as well as Tenants observations/concerns. 

Periodic Inspection also known as Safety/Maintenance Audits : 

Is used to chronicle and document the condition of the property and the maintenance habits of the tenants.  It's purpose it to assist the landlord and property manager in identifying and preventing possible damaging habits, neglect or abuse caused by the tenant.  This includes identifying illegal activities such as meth labs/grow houses, unauthorized pets, unauthorized tenants, HOA violations, items that could cause insurance cancellation e.g. above ground pools, trampolines and overall  maintenance habits. 

A meth lab in a rental property can be a landlord’s worst nightmare—from the illegal activity to the destruction of the property to the immense cost of cleanup.

The government monitors the cleanup process for properties with former meth labs, so until a property gets a clean bill of health (often several months later), the landlord cannot rent it out, resulting in more lost income.

Transitional/Exit Inspection : 

Are used to document the condition of the property at the end of  the leasing agreement.  This inspection is key to security deposit withholding's and getting the property ready for the next tenant.  

* Compare the Exit Inspection against the Move-in inspection eliminates deposit disputes. 

* Justifies withholding part or all of the security deposit. 

* Used in court to recover additional damages not covered by the security deposit. 

* Used to inform owner of any additional expenses that might be required to get the property ready for listing. 

* Creates a punch list for the property manager's maintenance team for a quick turn around of the property. 

Maintenance Verification Inspection : 

This inspections was designed to assist out of state/country landlords verify that the actual work/maintenance was performed/completed (i.e. new roof, paint, AC units, Fences) and not just invoiced.  This is especially helpful to our military personal who find themselves stationed overseas for years at a time.  


Part of each of the inspections mentioned above, our inspector will perform our pest control inspections which includes identifying pest and rodents infestations and than provide a solution to assist our clients and their tenants. 
We highly recommend  doing a complete pest control service during the Move-in inspection; if their is a infestation of roaches or rodents this may require additional follow up treatments. 

* Prevents tenants claims of any pest issues they may have brought with them. 
* Provides peace of mind both the landlord and tenant that the property is well maintained and any issues of WDI insects such as carpenter ants are quickly identified and eliminated.  

* The trained eye of our Inspector/Pest Technician can spot & identify issues gone unseen by the untrained eye of a tenant or Property Manager. 

* Doing at the time of the Move-In inspection leaves no doubt in the tenants mind that the service was provide, at that time our professional technician will educate and answer any and all questions concerning the inspection and pest control service.  

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