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At First Response Pest Control, we believe our customers have a right to know what products are being applied on their property, in and around their family and pets.  We also believe you have the right to know what pest we are treating for, the application points and the equipment being used to apply the product.  This is why we are openly sharing the Safety Data Sheets below as well as all equipment carried by our Service Professionals. At First Response Pest Control we believe SAFETY comes first, that is why we always attempt to first solve problems with the safest products available.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to answer your questions, this holds true even if you are not a customer and attempting to Do It Yourself.  

Please never attempt or apply product without thoroughly reading the MSDS in its entirety and have a full understanding of the mixing ratio, where, when and how to apply.  Keep your family and pets safe!  Below is a link that shares the unfortunate experience one father had when he attempted to DIY.


Trucks may be Outfitted with the following Equipment:

30 gallon PCO poly sprayer. This sprayer have two 107psi ShurFlo pumps. 3/8" x 300Ft. of spray hose. PS20 - Pistol Grip Gun will fit into any small pick up. great for termite and pest control. 

  • 30 gallon PCO poly sprayer.

  • This sprayer have two 107psi ShurFlo pumps.

  • 3/8" x 300Ft. of spray hose.

  • PS20 - Pistol Grip Gun

JD9-C Green Garde Spray Gun by Hudson

  • Includes Large nozzle.

  • Adjusts from fine fog to long-distance pencil stream.

  • Inlet: 3/4" Female Garden Hose Thread (FGHT).

  • Trigger lock for continuous spraying.

  • Maximum pressure of 1000 psi.

B&G 410 Rodding Kit

The tips are all stainless steel and are designed to thread on to the end of the pipes. They come in 360°, 180°, and straight spray designs. The 360° tip is used for injecting product into the soil. This technique “rodding the soil” or just “rodding," is great for treating fire ant mounds. 

The STIHL SR 450 is a professional-grade sprayer that covers all the bases. Its low-emission, the fuel-efficient engine delivers a 20% greater spray range when compared to previous models. Ideal for distributing liquid or solid compounds, this backpack sprayer/duster converts from misting to dusting applications without any special tools or additional equipment. It’s easy to use and provides excellent control over product feed and air speed. And to top it all off, the sprayer also quickly converts to a powerful leaf blower for fast debris cleanup.


  • Weight without liquid: 12.8 kg (28.2 lbs.)

  • Displacement: 63.3 cc (3.86 cu. in.)

  • Engine power: 2.9 kW (3.9 bhp)

  • Fuel capacity: (57.5 oz.)

  • Container capacity: 14.0 L (3.7 gals.)

  • Air Volume with tubes: 920 m3/h (542 cfm)

  • Air Velocity: 90 m/sec. (201 mph)

The ideal backpack sprayer for large scale applications with uncompromising quality for professional users.

  • Externally mounted 87 psi pump, easily accessible

  • Impact resistant 4 gal plastic tank, UV stabilized

  • Comfortable, individually adjustable carrying belt

  • Large filling opening with filter

  • Screw fastened pump lever for safe working

  • Robust stainless steel frame

  • Brass trigger with integrated fine filter

  • 20 in curved brass spray lance, with brass adjustable nozzle .05 in

  • Comprehensive spare part and accessories program

  • BBA-version with manometer available

B&G Sprayers are the highest quality sprayers on the market today and have been trusted by pest control professionals for over 50 years. You just can't get any better sprayer than a B&G. This particular B&G 1 Gallon hand pump sprayer features a positive tip shut-off (NO DRIP), heavy duty construction - built to last, unique "carpet protector" bottom ring, spare parts storage inside of ring and the protectors are easily removed for cleaning and provide the utmost in protection. The B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer comes with an 9-inch wand and with the 4 way tip, which includes a fine or coarse fan, and pin stream settings.

System III is designed to make pest management professionals even better at what they do. It makes it easy to deliver precision applications of Prescription treatment® brand products into insect harborage areas where they eat, rest and reproduce. the small applicator and long, coiled hose make reaching hidden cracks, ...

B&G AccuSpray Professional with high efficiency pump, 6 foot coiled hose, and 16 ounce capacity. Compact design for controlling pests in hard to reach places.

The B&G Electric Duster can dispense insecticide up to 30 ft. in an even pattern of distribution for optimal coverage. However, exact distance traveled by dusts or granules depends upon how full the hopper is. The more full the hopper, the further the dust or granules will travel.

B&G Long Reach Dust-r Part 1153-g (24050000) is a duster that is great for getting to those hard to reach places. Capable of holding 2 quarts of dust, you can get all of your applications done in one shot. Ideal for treating attics and crawl spaces, B&G Long Reach Dust-r Part 1153-g (24050000) has three 14" extensions. The extension also adds a static charge to the dust, making it stay where you apply it, assuring maximum effectiveness of the pest control chemical you are using. Also great for treating wasp nests.

B&G Mini Dust-R 1151-M (B&G Mini Duster ) holds 1/2 lb. of dust, or 7 oz. of granules. This B&G Mini Duster comes with a large opening for easy filling and emptying. It comes with a variety of extensions and tips.

The B&G Mini Dust-R hand duster is designed for dusting small areas such as wall voids, cracks& crevices, small attics and attics.

Bellows Hand Duster BHD001 Great for behind wall and outlet plate covers, cracks and crevices; it is a must have for all professional pest control professionals.  Applies the products where the bugs hide.  

Centrobulb Duster is an dusting tool (pesticide powder duster) with a 12" extension tip that enables even dust spreading in hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and crevices. The Centro Bulb Duster is made of thick pliable rubber that holds between 4 to 14 oz. of dust. The Centro Bulb duster is manufactured for years of repeated use by pest management professionals.

EarthWay Nylon Bag Spreader - 20-Lb. Capacity,Designed for lawns, gardens, and small acreage pots. Features spring-action rate-setting control and support grip. Enclosed glass-filled nylon gears. High RPM gearbox provides a smooth, feathered-edge broadcast. Oscillating shut-off plate to prevent clumping. 


And More!

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