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Burglars/Thieves are Hitting homes throughout Lewisville, Highland Village, Flower Mound and surroun

Not the two legged burglars but the 6 legged thief ant.

Nest Site/Characteristics: Thief ant colonies are relatively small and contain a few hundred to several thousand workers with many queens. Thieve ants commonly nest close to other species of ants. Flights of swarmers begin in June and end in late fall. Indoors, thief ants nest in small crevices, woodwork and masonry. These ants forage in set trails. Their behavior is similar to pharaoh ants. Outdoor nest are found in exposed soil or under objects, in trash, rotten wood and tree cavities. Thief ants commonly enter structures during hot, dry weather.

Feeding Preferences: Thief ants prefer high-protein foods, but will feed on sweets. They feed on meats, bread crumbs, fruit, animal fat, oils, nuts, pet foods and dairy products. Outdoors, thief ants feed on almost any organic matter, including inspects, honeydew, seeds and germinating seeds.

  • Pale yellow to light or dark brown

  • Two node segments

  • Uneven thorax, no spines

  • 10-segmented antennae, 2 -segmented club

  • Small stinger may be visible, rarely effectively used

  • Very small monomorphic workers, 1/16 inch

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