Carpenter Ants remodel homes in Lewisville, Highland Village and Flower Mound Texas.

  • Black with red thorax

  • One node segment

  • Circular ring of hairs at end of abdomen

  • Gaster densely covered with long, pale yellow or white hair

  • Spineless thorax, profile evenly rounded on upper side

  • 12-segmented antennae, no club

  • No stinger

  • Polymorphic workers, ¼ - ½ inch

Nest Site/Characteristics: This serious structural pest nest in shound wood but prefers fungus or moisture damaged wood. Outside, it nest in dead trees, rotting stumps and beneath rocks and logs. Colonies can be large with up to 100K workers and multiple queens. Look for coarse sawdust piles (Frass) that will also contain insect body parts. Another indicator is the sound produced as workers chew to remove wood to enlarge their home/nest.

Carpenter ants forage alone or along trails 300 or more feet from the nest. “Trunk trails” between parent and satellite nest are clear of vegetation and debris, typically cutting across lawns. Carpeter ants enter building around doors and window frames, through eaves, along plumbing and utility lines and over branches touching the building. Peak foraging occurs at night.

Feeding Preferences: Carpenter ants feed primarily on insects honeydew, plant and fruit juices and insects. Indoors they feed on food debris, including sweets, eggs, meats, cakes, pet food and grease.

Control: Find and directly treat as many nests as possible. Check suspicious areas with a probe that will penetrate infested wood. Successful control depends on eliminating the parent colony, which is usually located outdoors.

  • Thoroughly inspect property and interview residents to help locate nest and identify conducive conditions. Trim vegetation away from the home and eliminate moisture problems.

  • For colonies in walls voids, inject and insecticide dust

  • Apply spot treatment to any possible ant entry points. Apply insecticide sprays around the base of trees that possibly harbor nests.

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